TriZetto® NetworX Payment Bundling Administration™

  • medium-woman-two-men-jpg-362x246Automate payment bundling for greater efficiency and reduced cost.

    As the industry continues to buzz about “value-based reimbursement”, health plans struggle with how to redefine the relationships with their providers moving from traditional Fee-for-Service (FFS) to the new Fee-for-Value models. Payment bundling can be an initial step to incorporating value-based reimbursement into provider network management strategies. Through payment bundling programs, health plans like yours have already started to transform the payer-provider relationship to build effective partnerships, promote quality and improve the cost of care.


    TriZetto NetworX Payment Bundling Administration™—a comprehensive, automated solution.

    Although payment bundling promises to revolutionize the way we deliver and pay for healthcare, it requires automation to make it effective, scalable and cost-efficient. TriZetto NetworX Payment Bundling Administration™ provides a comprehensive software solution with patent-pending functionality that automates the prospective bundling process.

    Here’s how it works. NetworX Payment Bundling Administration:

    • Integrates tightly with your claims processing system, whether that’s a TriZetto solution or third-party application.
    • Evaluates each fee-for-service claim made during the adjudication process to determine whether the claim belongs to an identified episode-of-care bundle.
    • Creates episodes of care prospectively, in real time.
    • Bundles related claims together from multiple clinicians working on a specific episode.
    • Re-prices claims to conform to the agreed total payment for each episode of care.

    Part of the NetworX Suite® of products for managing provider networks, TriZetto’s NetworX Payment Bundling Administration solution is available on a licensed or hosted basis to healthcare payers.


    Benefits of TriZetto NetworX Payment Bundling Administration

    With NetworX Payment Bundling Administration, payers can:

    • Automate and scale payment bundling processes as needed.
    • Reduce the cost of claims and increase the predictability of payments.
    • Defers some risk to providers.
    • Promote collaboration among providers to increase the quality of care.
    • Reduce tension with providers regarding what is and is not covered in claims.



    • Transform the existing fee-for-service claims stream into prospective payment bundles at the time of care.
    • Use both prospective and retrospective payment models.
    • Use pre-configured bundles, including common cardiac and orthopedic episodes, developed by nationally recognized entities, including the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, Integrated Healthcare Alliance of California, and Prometheus Payment™.
    • Access additional pre-configured bundles for heart attack, diabetes, pneumonia, stroke, asthma and other chronic conditions, developed by the Health Care Incentives Improvement Institute.
    • Modify existing bundles or create new bundles based on individual and market needs.


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