QNXT™ Close-Up

  • Reduce costs through automation.

    In the face of constant pressure to reduce costs, the QNXT solution helps you succeed by automating more processes and reducing manual intervention. With QNXT automation, you can simplify the claims process, improve your first-pass rate and reduce the need for claims analysts to get involved. In fact, QNXT has helped some payers achieve auto-adjudication rates as high as 90 percent—a significant factor in reducing costs.

    Increase competitiveness through integration.

    The QNXT solution lets you easily integrate the technologies you need in order to be more agile, efficient, and adaptive—in short, more competitive.

    The QNXT system integrates with other TriZetto solutions you rely on to effectively manage your business:

    • Claims reimbursement
    • Benefits and contracts management
    • Case management
    • Utilization management
    • Value based solutions
    • Care management
    • Care planning
    • Portal solutions
    • Predictive modeling
    • Payment bundling

    The ease with which QNXT integrates with other systems can help you:

    • Improve accuracy in authorizations by adjudicating requests with the same logic used to adjudicate claims
    • Increase information transparency through easier access to accurate real-time data
    • Engage and reward constituents and personalize interactions by leveraging consolidated data
    • Extend functionality with additional TriZetto components

    The QNXT application alone is a powerful solution. When integrated with other TriZetto components, it is truly unparalleled.