Facets Enrollment Toolkit

  • Banner - Solutions Utilities - People working - Sub Page 362x246Full cycle management of enrollment records.

    TriZetto’s Facets Enrollment Toolkit is a set of integrated tools and adapters that streamline the auto-enrollment process. The toolkit increases the auto-enrollment success rate by intelligently managing the data receipt and correction process for enrollment records, helping you ensure data is correct and validated before it is submitted to Facets. This significantly increases the number of records that will be accepted on first pass. For those records that require rework, the toolkit expedites the error-identification process, so records can be corrected and resubmitted quickly.

    The TriZetto Facets Enrollment Toolkit enhances your confidence in automation routines by:

    •  Reducing manual labor in enrollment-record processing. The toolkit reduces failure rates and, if failures do occur, improves time to resolution.
    •  Increasing data accuracy and record-processing success. Front-end automation in the staging database helps ensure data is correct before it is inserted into the Facets system.
    •  Decreasing demands on healthcare IT specialist during error-resolution cycles. The error record reader helps identify and resolve issues quickly.
    •  Improving customer satisfaction. Data-management flexibility helps improve the intake process and expedite enrollment completion.