Configuration Migration Utility

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    When making and managing system configuration changes, it is critical that payers continually test in order to validate the integrity of the changes and to ensure that new configuration items are production-ready. This task becomes more complex when multiple, simultaneous changes are involved.

    To help control, manage and successfully execute configuration promotions, TriZetto® offers the TriZetto Configuration Migration Utility. Versions are available for both Facets™ and QNXT™ core administration systems. The Configuration Migration Utility gives non-healthcare IT personnel the ability to migrate specific aspects of configuration changes from environment to environment in a manner that is controlled, workflow-integrated and audit-capable. With this tool, you can:

    • Eliminate wholesale environment copies. Perform targeted component migrations of desired configurations.
    • Reduce demands of specialty healthcare IT resources. Reduce the demands on database administrators during change promotions.
    • Ensure adherence to change procedures and approval processes. Enforce a rigorous workflow process while distributing the execution work efforts.
    • Reduce testing demands and rework. Test only the migrated component instead of re-executing wholesale test cycles.